Custom Tees

It may be startup or corporate we make make your custom Tees within the budget of Rs.800 to 2500.


We make customized corporate Tees with minimum 20Pcs MOQ.

Gifting Ideas

Customized Solutions Beyond Apparel: Tailored Merchandise Services

At OffNorth, we specialize in high-quality customized T-shirts featuring your company logo with expert printing and embroidery services. For corporate or startup branding, we offer a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 20 pieces, with prices ranging from Rs. 800 to 2500 per piece.

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Customization option

Screen Printing (MOQ 100 Pcs.)

At OffNorth, we offer long-lasting, cost-effective screen printing to beautifully customize your company logo on high-quality apparel.

DTG Printing

At OffNorth, we use DTG (Direct To Garment) printing for detailed, long-lasting company logo customization, ensuring clarity and precision on apparel.

Heat Transfer

At OffNorth, our HeatPress printing brings your complex, vibrant company logo designs to life with unmatched precision and durability, ideal for achieving stunning and resilient custom apparel.


At OffNorth, we specialize in embroidery for customizing your company logo, perfect for complex and vibrant designs. Embroidery offers durability and a premium look, ensuring your brand stands out.

Product Ranges

Crew Neck Tee

Organic sweatshirts #color_maroon


Organic Hoodie #color_maroon


Polo Tee

V-Neck Tee


Full Sleeve Polo

Full Sleeve Crew


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Contact Us for Quality Corporate T-Shirt Orders and Gifting Solutions.

*All products from OffNorth are branded and custom-made to your specifications, including size, quantity, and fabrics for apparel. We also arrange branded merchandise like caps, bottles, and more, perfect for corporate gifting. Customize your items with your company's logo for a personalized touch.

Brands we worked with

Specialised Fabrics

Supima Cotton

At OffNorth 1st quality imported Supima cotton represents less than1% of global cotton, known for its extra-long staple fibers. U.S. production totaled 738,000 balesin 2022. It accounts forover 90%of U.S. Pima cotton, with fibers averaging 1.4 - 1.5 inches, offering superior strength, softness, and color retention.

Organic Cotton

At OffNorth fine quality imported organic cotton is used,Global organic cotton production reached 301,814 metric tons in 2022. It uses 91% less water and produces 46% lower CO2 emissions than conventional cotton. The market is valued at $3.77 billion, with a projected 8.9% annual growth rate.

Bamboo Cotton

Certified Bamboo cotton is used at OffNorth, a blend of bamboo fibers and cotton, is known for its softness and sustainability. Global market size was valued at approximately $5.2 billion in 2023, projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2024 to 2030. It’s praised for eco-friendly qualities but requires chemical processing.

Gift Packing

Other than T-shirt , If you need any gift combos we may arrange it with your branding

Quality Fabric

Fabrics used for our products are certified and high quality, soft and long lasting.

Sustainable Fabrics

We deal with Supima, Organic, Bamboo Cotton and other fabrics

On-time delivey

Delivered to all over India with standard and Express Delivery If needed. Packed with the clean cardboard box in a neat condition.

Customer Support

There is an customer support team and assured for Timely updates and issue resolution, Assistance with any post-delivery concerns or reorders.

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Contact Us for Quality Corporate T-Shirt Orders and Gifting Solutions.